pleasant exchanges



July brings some new things to paper, and some larger thoughts to touchable things. And at last a new vessel to carry these things out into the endless endless internet - a blog!

I'm here, I'm hoping to meet some thoughtful ideas by giving myself a space to mull, hoping to give some space for thoughtful mulling to the vastness. I hope you enjoy a sporadic and enthusiastic and all at once shy expression of what I think about my practice!

This is my typical set up for my smaller works: legal pad clipboard support, solvent pen, bone folder, gloves and a respirator. Using photographs to create texture and compositions must be as tactile and direct as possible for me. I love the intimacy and the movement of these hand printed pieces. 

As I get more comfortable with this format I hope to share more here. I use Polaroid, toy cameras and scanner beds, as well as the multiple print mediums, my favorites being lithography and risography. 


Until then.