At the beginning of this month I got accepted into SF Zinefest with my boyfriend, Shaky Hands Press. We’ll be tabling together, registered under his press. Blush Books will be live in action there, so come & see!


I have a long list of projects in the works, including several new risograph zines and some some hand printed transfer books (monobooks?), all including poetry and photo based prints.

More work working out and images incoming in the near future.


 SF Zine Fest will be held at the County Fair Buidling in Golden Gate Park on September 2nd. 


pinks and monoprints



Feeling like a grandma trying to rebuild this little site into a nice portfolio. But some progress was made! 

This nice little pink and many others are up on my monotype page. It was slow going, but I think I’ve got this internet machine working now! Soon my editioned works from zines to lithographs to my risograph projects will get up here too 🐌


pleasant exchanges



July brings some new things to paper, and some larger thoughts to touchable things. And at last a new vessel to carry these things out into the endless endless internet - a blog!

I'm here, I'm hoping to meet some thoughtful ideas by giving myself a space to mull, hoping to give some space for thoughtful mulling to the vastness. I hope you enjoy a sporadic and enthusiastic and all at once shy expression of what I think about my practice!

This is my typical set up for my smaller works: legal pad clipboard support, solvent pen, bone folder, gloves and a respirator. Using photographs to create texture and compositions must be as tactile and direct as possible for me. I love the intimacy and the movement of these hand printed pieces. 

As I get more comfortable with this format I hope to share more here. I use Polaroid, toy cameras and scanner beds, as well as the multiple print mediums, my favorites being lithography and risography. 


Until then.